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Portland - Meeting 2009 May

Portland Chapter Meeting

Managing the Whitespace
May 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009
6:00pm - 6:15pm networking
6:15pm - 8:00pm Case Studies

Center for Professional Development, OGI School of Science & Engineering
20000 NW Walker Rd., Beaverton, OR 97006 (Portland, OR metropolitan area)
OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI)
Wilson Clark Center: Building #3 on campus map, Room 407

Managing the Whitespace: Two presentations will show different perspectives on process management vs. traditional management of functional silos.

Business Process Analysis and Simulations: Aaron Bozeman, a consultant from iGrafx, a Portland-based company, will show how business process analysis (BPA) tools support simulations and the design of process improvements that reach across functional departments in an organization. Examples of case studies include:

  • Beverage processing, storage and packaging facility. Problem: How do we make better process management decisions in scheduling product mix and volumes to meet monthly shipment plans? Based on forecasted increases in volume and product portfolio, how do we confidently understand our need for additional capital equipment in time to budget and construct? Solution: Build a process simulation model that considers the dynamics of the process, product mix, product process parameters, equipment availability and equipment settings. Multiple scheduling decision algorithms were analyzed in order to achieve higher capacity, reduced loss of time sensitive product and a reduction in capital expenditures.
  • DoD / Transportation: Problem: How do we properly staff flight crews in dealing with a crisis situation? How many flights between point A and B can be made with different flight crew staffing levels given our rules around in-service hours and forced rest? Solution: Build a simulation model that considers factors like: Planes and flight crews are physically in different locations, their location is dynamic but resources can only be acquired where they are, and flight crews have a maximum of 13 hours of accumulated in shift time during a 48 hour period.

iGrafx is a leading provider of comprehensive business process analysis (BPA) solutions that provide process transparency and heighten a company's ability to address common challenges exasperated by today’s economic climate such as: Maintain profitability, reduce expenses, enhance quality of products & services, comply with regulations, control and mitigate risk, and innovate.

Process Owner Training: The second presentation is about the people side of process management. Nechama Katan will present a case study showing the strength of using subject matter experts as process owners. She will present a methodology for training SMEs to assume process ownership and leadership skills. A vision process was used where a process owner proposed a better tomorrow, used business and engineering tools to justify and develop a case for the change, and presentation skills to "sell" the new process. This resulted in an achievable supported road map and real improvements in manufacturing process control.

Nechama Katan has extensive teaching experience in academia and industry. For over 8 years she worked at Intel on architecture performance analysis, project management, cpu design productivity and complexity theory. In 2004 Nechama founded IllumiNostra which is focused on training and developing data presentation, and leadership skills. She completed a BA in Mathematics from Barnard College, an MS in Mathematics from NYU and a MA in statistics from Columbia University.

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