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Key Career Areas In The Automotive Industry

Posted By Administration, Monday, January 29, 2018

For recent graduates, those about to finalize their career choices or even those considering a change in business sector or career plan, the automotive industry is one of the more positive directions to explore simply due to its size. Covering the key areas from design to sale, the automotive industry offers a way for those seeking a focus in regards to their career goals to explore which avenue suits them the most. Looking at the key skills for each level of the automotive industry can help to clarify the position that you should be aiming for.

Designing the future

No matter the form of transport, it all starts with the designers. You’ll need a lot of creativity of course, but that’s not going to get you far without some impressive numeracy skills and some IT skills. If you have a history of mechanical engineering or electronic engineering, then you'll find it easier to break into this tough field. An important element to consider is that many people consider a design job to entail drawing pictures of cars all day, but there is obviously a lot more to do than that, with every single piece of the car needing exact specifications. You continue to invent revolutionary trailer spares, or you can go more technical and consider the electronics of the car. Every step of this process ensures a better vehicle at the end of it, and having a perfectionist personality will help.

Manufacturing and building

You don’t need a degree to get in on the ground floor of a vehicle manufacturing job. Although a BA won’t be dismissed, an apprenticeship or some simple work experience will be more useful to you. There is a fear that this element of the automotive industry is going to see fewer humans on the factory floors as automation takes a greater and greater role. Although we may be some way from total factory automation, it is worth bearing in mind if you’re considering manufacturing as a long-term career.

Marketing to the world

It’s all well and good designing and building a vehicle, but if people don’t know about it, then nobody is going buy it, which is where the marketing department comes in. There are a few things you’ll need to get into this role, and competition is often fierce. Creativity is a key skill, and you’ll need a lot of confidence and the ability to think analytically. However, the most valuable skill you can bring to this position is communication. Advertising has to communicate to the masses, so your ability to connect with public opinion is vital.

Selling and creating customers

If you’re the kind of person who can talk the hind legs off a donkey or convince a man without a car to buy some petrol, then you might be perfect for a sales role. Your key skills would be product knowledge, of course, but you’ll also need to be a good active listener and a great overall communicator. Confidence is going to be key, as is the ability to recover from disappointment. The good news is that forecasts for car sales in 2018 are looking increasingly positive, so you might be choosing exactly the right time to be considering a position on the salesroom floor.

Depending on your core skill set, it’s very likely that you will find a niche area of the automotive industry that suits you. The range of personality types and the variety of required skills means that there is a place for you whether you have an interest in cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans and beyond.

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How to Advance Your Psychology Skills

Posted By Administration, Monday, January 29, 2018

Psychology can be applied to your life every day, and if you have an understanding of psychological processes, it can help your communication and leadership skills, offering a boost to your career too. There are various ways that you can advance your psychology skills and integrate them into your daily life, such as through mindfulness and meditation, cognitive psychological processes to improve your memory, or undertaking study of a specific field of psychology to further your understanding.

Live in the moment

Mindfulness is a psychological process whereby your attention is focused on the present moment, it is a state of being active yet calm with your attention on the present. The practice focuses on a series of meditation techniques that can help you to let go of worries about the past or the future, focusing instead of this very minute. Mindfulness has been proven to improve mental wellbeing, as well as improving the physiological responses that occur under stress, such as reducing blood pressure, reducing chronic pain and improving sleep. It can be used as part of a treatment package for depression, addiction, anxiety, and eating disorders, among other diagnosis.

Improve your memory

Improving your memory can help when studying for exams, preparing for a big presentation or just generally on a day to day level, helping you to remember where you put your keys. Many psychological techniques can help, such as making up rhymes, tunes or jokes featuring the new information, which can help to embed it in your mind. Or if you are finding remembering certain words or events difficult, then reconstructing the context can help. For example, when trying to recall a specific event, remembering as much as you can about the events that came before can trigger the memory, include sensory memories and as much detail as you can.

Boost your confidence

Building your self-confidence can pay off in all areas of your life, from improving your self-esteem and boosting your love life to helping you to move your career forward. Improving your confidence needs to be a habit you build into your daily life, including positive affirmations – positive statements such as ‘I am a strong leader’ or ‘I am popular’, that act like a mantra, repeated to yourself daily. Other confidence tricks include dressing for success to help ensure you feel like a leader, embodying confident body language, and accepting and believing compliments about yourself.

Further your knowledge

There are various routes should you wish to further your study in the vast field of psychology. If you are interested in helping people to overcome substance abuse issues, helping with education, prevention and treatment, then looking further into the best addiction studies careers could be the ideal move for you. Or, perhaps a career within the field of forensic psychology, focusing primarily on the psychological assessment of those within the legal system and devising evaluation and treatment programs for those within the justice system, is more suited to your interests? Do your research well as whatever avenue of psychology peaks your interest there is a course tailored to furthering your knowledge.

The world of psychology falls under a vast umbrella. To improve and advance your psychology skills, you can either return to school and study the subject, allowing yourself a fulfilling psychology career, or you can improve your psychology skills for your own personal benefit. 

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How to Make Work More Enjoyable

Posted By Administration, Friday, January 26, 2018

Sometimes, people are lucky enough to find a career that they love and it never seems to bore them or tire them out. Then there are those who go to work because we have to, but wouldn’t be sad if they never worked again. Enjoying what you do in life is important, and since many people spend most of their week performing their job, it’s even more essential that the time doesn’t feel like it’s being wasted. If you can’t change jobs for whatever reason, you should try to improve the place you work now. This can make you feel better about waking up in the morning and facing the world. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make your work more enjoyable.

One: Environment

There’s a good reason why grey cubicles and cramped spaces are associated with the drudgery of office life. Small rooms with little to no natural light can make it feel as if you are trapped and the time passes slower than everywhere else. If you can, consider getting in touch with The Workplace Company to help you locate an office to suit your needs. If not, there are still ways you can improve your office, or even just your desk, so that work is more enjoyable. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic chair that supports your spine to protect your posture as spending too long hunched over a computer can have lasting effects. Bring some plants to work to decorate your desk and brighten the place up. Declutter so that everything you have serves a purpose and is easily found – this will save you time instead of wasting it looking for something under a pile of papers. Your surroundings affect how you feel, and if there’s anything you can do to make yourself happier by changing the environment in which you work, then go for it.

Two: Monitor Progress

Sometimes work is dreary because you can’t see how much of it you have left. Especially if you don’t have a set time to leave, it can be hard to pinpoint or quantify the work you’ve already done. Watching the clock will drive you mad, so find other ways of keeping track that don’t make you feel as if a minute is an hour. Try setting yourself miniature goals such as completing a certain number of pages in a set time. After you reach this goal, reward yourself with something small enough not to be distracting, but enough to keep you motivated. Bring snacks or stress-relieving toys, or read a few pages of your book. Don’t get carried away so that nothing gets done, of course, but taking time to rest your mind between tasks will make the load feel lighter.

Three: Respect

Tensions in the workplace can be a huge detriment to productivity and happiness. It’s expected that not everyone’s personalities will match but that doesn’t mean you have to work in uncomfortable circumstances. Alleviate the stress of office politics by showing respect to everyone you interact with, regardless of your personal feelings. This way, you’re sure to feel an improvement in your attitude towards work.

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How To Optimise The Growth Of Your Business

Posted By Administration, Friday, January 26, 2018

Every business and company has a set of processes that are undertaken to ensure that goals are achieved, and deadlines are met. Without these processes, a company wouldn’t have the necessary foundation to work efficiently and effectively. Processes can be as simple as contacting new customers to explain protocol and expectations of a new product, for example. They can be the methods used to keep schedules up-to-date and staff engaged through means of a precise business outline detailing due dates for expected work and daily routine of keeping data collection optimised by running security checks. Mapping processes and procedure execution is the backbone of ensuring that your business is successful.

Use Social Media Effectively

Keeping on top of how you market and advertise your business is a tool used to drive revenue, and one that should not be overlooked. The power of social media for business recognition is significant and can help you on your way to seeing rapid growth within your company. Use the whole host of social media platforms available to you to optimise your chances of being noticed. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are key platforms for you to utilise. Starting a blog can increase traffic to any relevant website you also have. By employing a company that provides SEO copywriting, you could quickly see growth in your business if you’re marketing a product that is mentioned and explained through the narrative of your blog posts. If you’re in the business of selling your wares online, for example, then posting about the usefulness of them in natural articles is likely to see your product garner further interest and attention.


Working with technology isn’t always easy, and you’ll know that it can sometimes be problematic, or even disastrous if problems can’t be rectified quickly. Experiencing technology failure and slow function can cost businesses great amounts of time and money fixing the problem. However, if you ensure that your technology is protected through means of having the reliable hardware, software and optimised security, then you can relax in knowing that the risk to your business is significantly reduced. By having efficient IT solutions, you can protect your business against threats to your growth by diminishing the chances of cyber attacks and hacks. You cannot be too careful where the security of your business is concerned.

Polling And Communication

A workforce that works well together is at the heart of a successful business; if you want your business to grow, then you have to nurture those who work for you. You ideally want to know your staff individually to boost morale and productivity. Your workforce is involved in carrying out and undertaking the daily processes and procedures of your business, so communicating with them and asking for their opinions and outlook on business performance is important if you want to know how your company is progressing and what might be improved. You can hold meetings with your team to brainstorm ideas for growth and poll comments and effectiveness of business processes, doing this will provide you with vital insight and invaluable information to go forth and optimise the growth of your business.

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Performance in Your Healthcare Business

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Running a healthcare business is different from any other entrepreneurial venture. The complexities of patient care, data, and compliance call for a very different approach to typical hierarchal management. Arguably, there is also more at stake. That said, just like any other organization, engaged employees will be more efficient than disengaged ones, so it’s essential to monitor, adapt, and update their workflow continually.

According to The Advisory Board Company, 20 percent of all hospital employees are either disengaged or ambivalent, causing below-par performance at work. Whether your team works from a traditional hospital setting, a pharmacy, or a biotech lab, high-quality care and accuracy are essential in the healthcare sector. With this in mind, here are five ways to improve employee morale and efficiency in your healthcare business.

Welcome New Team Members

A strong onboarding process won’t just benefit your new employees; it will also boost the morale of your team as a whole. In a busy healthcare setting, it’s easy to let your priorities slip and allow new recruits to fend for themselves, but this won’t serve your business well in the long run. Create a formal welcome pack that includes a map of the building, a clear outline of your performance expectations, a detailed job description, and an overview of their goals for the first few weeks.

Align Employee Goals with Organizational Vision

Setting regular goals for your employees will help them to remain motivated and prioritize tasks. Small goals will also make it easier for you to monitor individual progress (you can use business management software to make this easier). The goals you set your employees should align with your own vision to reinforce how each person's performance impacts the organization as a whole.

Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Offering constructive feedback is in your best interests as an employer. Rather than simply discussing performance problems with your employees, build engagement through formal learning programs and one-on-one coaching. Presenting challenges as opportunities for growth will improve morale and productivity in your workplace, so give your employees something to work toward. 

Keep on Top of Training and Compliance

In the healthcare business, it’s crucial that you stay on top of training and remain compliant. You may wish to bring in an external company to provide regulatory education and training. For instance, Arbour Group is a leading compliance provider for the life science industry, offering regulatory products and services in line with FDA guidelines. By employing their services, they can validate your workforce and offer any advice.

Recognize Employee Achievements

Without positive endorsement, your employees’ performance will suffer, so make sure you recognize their achievements as well as their mistakes. You may also wish to provide initiatives and rewards to help your team feel valued and appreciated, or implement an employee recognition program to spur them toward further growth. Satisfied healthcare workers make for satisfied patients, after all. 

Employee performance is never more crucial than in the healthcare business. To make sure your team continues to grow, adapt, and improve, you must be proactive and encouraging as an employer, as well as remaining compliant. 

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