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5 Ways to Improve Employee Performance in Your Healthcare Business

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Running a healthcare business is different from any other entrepreneurial venture. The complexities of patient care, data, and compliance call for a very different approach to typical hierarchal management. Arguably, there is also more at stake. That said, just like any other organization, engaged employees will be more efficient than disengaged ones, so it’s essential to monitor, adapt, and update their workflow continually.

According to The Advisory Board Company, 20 percent of all hospital employees are either disengaged or ambivalent, causing below-par performance at work. Whether your team works from a traditional hospital setting, a pharmacy, or a biotech lab, high-quality care and accuracy are essential in the healthcare sector. With this in mind, here are five ways to improve employee morale and efficiency in your healthcare business.

Welcome New Team Members

A strong onboarding process won’t just benefit your new employees; it will also boost the morale of your team as a whole. In a busy healthcare setting, it’s easy to let your priorities slip and allow new recruits to fend for themselves, but this won’t serve your business well in the long run. Create a formal welcome pack that includes a map of the building, a clear outline of your performance expectations, a detailed job description, and an overview of their goals for the first few weeks.

Align Employee Goals with Organizational Vision

Setting regular goals for your employees will help them to remain motivated and prioritize tasks. Small goals will also make it easier for you to monitor individual progress (you can use business management software to make this easier). The goals you set your employees should align with your own vision to reinforce how each person's performance impacts the organization as a whole.

Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Offering constructive feedback is in your best interests as an employer. Rather than simply discussing performance problems with your employees, build engagement through formal learning programs and one-on-one coaching. Presenting challenges as opportunities for growth will improve morale and productivity in your workplace, so give your employees something to work toward. 

Keep on Top of Training and Compliance

In the healthcare business, it’s crucial that you stay on top of training and remain compliant. You may wish to bring in an external company to provide regulatory education and training. For instance, Arbour Group is a leading compliance provider for the life science industry, offering regulatory products and services in line with FDA guidelines. By employing their services, they can validate your workforce and offer any advice.

Recognize Employee Achievements

Without positive endorsement, your employees’ performance will suffer, so make sure you recognize their achievements as well as their mistakes. You may also wish to provide initiatives and rewards to help your team feel valued and appreciated, or implement an employee recognition program to spur them toward further growth. Satisfied healthcare workers make for satisfied patients, after all. 

Employee performance is never more crucial than in the healthcare business. To make sure your team continues to grow, adapt, and improve, you must be proactive and encouraging as an employer, as well as remaining compliant. 

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A Guide To Making Your Business More Customer Friendly

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Customers want to work with businesses who understand them and bend over backwards to make sure they’re satisfied with the product or service. It’s anything but a waste of your time to focus your energy on making your business more customer friendly.

People talk, and you want them spreading positive messages about your company. The benefits of doing so are worth the little extra time and energy it takes you to make a few adjustments. Be glad that it’s an issue you can fix and make better. It’s important to do whatever it takes to satisfy your customers and keep them coming back.

Train your Employees

Start by hiring the right people for the job and training them the way you want them to handle customer inquiries. It’s not enough to wing it and hope for the best. Have policies and procedures in place that spell out exactly how your company will manage various situations. Also, have a plan in place for dealing with extremely upset people. You’ll also want to create a company culture that values and appreciates the customer.

Improve the User Experience

You want clients to walk away happy after they do business with you. For example, people want a cohesive experience when shopping online. Remove any chance of frustration by improving the user experience. Implement a software solution like those offered by Weaveability, which allows you and the consumer to better maneuver the customer’s journey. Always be looking at new features and functionality from a customer benefits perspective to ensure take up is maximized.

Practice Open Communication

Customers are going to feel lost if they order from you and then never hear anything. Make sure you have all the right communications lined up to go at all the right times. Use email, social media and personal phone calls to relay your various messages. Don’t leave any room for confusion or disappointment. Respond to customers in a timely fashion when they contact you. Always be prepared to offer solutions when interacting with consumers. If you’re unsure of how your customers feel about your level of communication, simply ask.

Build an Impressive Website

It’s annoying when you go online to search for a company and can’t find a website, or one that’s working properly. Spend time on creating a strong website that answers customer’s questions and keeps them engaged. Think of this as a marketing tool to promote yourself and what you do. Many times, an impressive website is what draws customers in and makes them want to learn more about your business. It’s worth taking the time to make sure it’s functioning correctly and contains the right amount of information.


Never underestimate the power of making sure your customers are satisfied. They’re the glue that holds your business together and you depend on them for keeping your doors open. Take a good look at your current structure and where your company could be doing better. Mend the issues and notice how all areas of your business improve. 

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How Tiny Marketing Campaigns Can Produce Major Results

Posted By Administration, Friday, December 15, 2017

Small businesses and brands rely on a variety of strategies to ensure their budgets can facilitate profitability. Without the added resources that many large companies enjoy, pinching every penny is crucial in improving bottom lines while also expanding reach into new audiences. Nevertheless, even with the most efficient strategies, small businesses face challenges in this regard.

The world of marketing remains one of the great equalizers for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with a variety of relatively new techniques accelerating that trend. Any small business or company on a tight budget wants to use the most effective marketing campaigns possible: which ones work best?

Let's answer that question by looking at some highly-effective strategies that can be incorporated into any small-scale marketing campaign in the future.

On-Demand Marketing Assistance

In the past, finding marketing firms and agencies that could help small businesses was rare. Most firms relied on big clients and big budgets to make the magic happen, relegating small businesses to DIY marketing strategies.

However, the internet has made it possible for even the smallest of businesses to adequately target individuals with the assistance of marketing professionals. Agencies such as pride themselves on serving small and local-based businesses, providing marketing campaigns and strategies that can be effective even when small budgets are the name of the game.

The Power of Social Media

One of the biggest marketing revolutions of the past 20 years definitely comes from the power of social media. As brands can more effectively reach and connect with their followers from all over the world, social media networks have risen to the challenge of giving brands an ability to pipe their messaging directly to interested parties.

Ultimately, even the smallest of brands can deploy ad campaigns on sites such as Facebook for pennies on the dollar in comparison to traditional advertising campaigns. This means that reaching those who value your input, appreciate your products or otherwise have a need for your services can be more effectively targeted. As such, many brands have dedicated all of their marketing budgets to social media campaigns that can yield huge returns on investments when done properly.

How Email Marketing Amplifies Brand Power

Another excellent form of marketing that small businesses and brands can utilize is email marketing. With this form of marketing, you're targeting only those who have demonstrated prior interest in the brand. While this method can take time and patience to build (after all, you have to first collect the subscriptions and email addresses to target these individuals), it produces one of the best returns on investment you can imagine.

Many brands report email open rates as high as 30%, meaning that nearly one-in-three people who receive your email actually open it. Considering that email marketing in small scale generally tends to be free – and very affordable when targeting large numbers – it is arguably the most cost-effective form of marketing available.


While small businesses may not have the budgets and followings of larger entities, they can still make marketing work for them. Through the use of firms dedicated to helping small businesses, email marketing campaigns and advanced social media strategies, any brand can adequately reach out to and convert audiences based on their exact interests and desires.

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The Benefits of Choosing A Career That’s Based Online

Posted By Administration, Friday, December 1, 2017
Updated: Friday, December 1, 2017

More and more people are realizing the benefits of choosing a career path that is based online. From trading to development and design, there are a range of alternatives and career options to meet with your skillset and interests. There’s never been a better time to investigate an online career path.

As corporations struggle to deal with international political developments and changing financial markets, a career that’s based online provides some level of security in today’s increasingly digitalized world. Not to mention the opportunities for progression are much better than in a conventional office based position. So if you dream of choosing a career that’s based online, then why not make this a reality?

Creative and technical

Believe it or not, any career that’s based online will require a healthy dose of both technical knowledge and creativity in equal measure. While more technical positions often follow the same pattern day-in day-out, if you pursue web development for example, then you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of creative projects and with a variety of clients. The combination of analytical and logical thought with the ability to test and explore new opportunities and challenges makes an online career truly rewarding if you enjoy pursuing new targets or get easily bored.

The pay is good

Choosing an online career path instantly bumps you up into a whole new salary bracket. Plus, you don’t even have to attend university in some cases. Skills such as coding can be learnt online in forums, and employers will also consider applications from individuals who haven’t attended grad school providing you have the right skillset needed. Unlike your peers, you can expect to start on a healthy salary, and the opportunities for progression will increase if you are willing to learn. A better lifestyle means you can treat yourself too, with sites such as offering a range of tickets to US sports events. So if you dream of one day attending the Super Bowl, then your wish could come true sooner than you might think.

Work all over the world

One of the obvious benefits of choosing a career that’s based online is that you can work from quite literally anywhere. From a remote island to the comfort of your own bedroom, many web-based positions don’t require you to work office hours. Not to mention that your potential career path has a lot more freedom too. You could even consider working in Japan or India where online business is booming. So if you want to travel the world doing a job that you love, then make sure to consider a career online.

If you fancy a career that will keep you engaged and doesn’t require you to be stuck in an office all day, then an online career could be the dream job for you. If you are both technical and creative, and love learning new skills then you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention you can take your new-found interest all over the world. So what’s stopping you from applying?

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018 and Beyond

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ranking a website in Google and keeping it there is no mean feat. There are many pitfalls for entrepreneurs, established companies, and smaller site owners wanting to harness the business opportunities present with the internet to increase their sales.

What makes it more challenging to drive fresh traffic to your site is that search engine optimization – which helps a website achieve and keep a higher-ranking position with the prominent search engines – is an ever-changing landscape. It certainly keeps everyone on their toes with frequently altered best practices, new cutting-edge strategies and actions to avoid in the coming year.

Let’s look at a few of the best SEO strategies for 2018 and beyond.

Avoiding the Over-Optimization Trap

Whether you are creating a new website or improving an existing one, the risk of over-optimizing each page and post is very real. For instance, a review of a product can use the product name as one of the sub-headings, but it shouldn’t be overused in the body of the article copy. When a related search term is sprinkled around too liberally it appears like it’s been done to sway Google into ranking the page higher for that term. Doing so was a workable strategy before, but it now sets off alarm bells.

It is a good idea to bold or use italics for emphasis with certain words and phrases to draw the reader’s attention, but doing so only on product names looks suspicious. When performing on-page optimization, aim for what will help the reader within understanding the layout, text emphasis to highlight points of importance, and so on. You’ll still get to include keywords and phrases that way, but it will be done naturally and won’t risk raising the ire of Google in the process.

Check Your Backlink Profile Regularly

Negative SEO where a competitor deliberately places links from another website pointing to your own using keywords that are unsavory or spell trouble is a common strategy that still sometimes works. There are tools from that help check the new links which point to your site, so a report can be run off to verify what’s going on behind your back.

A company like has a team who are experts in this area. They can monitor your backlink profile for problems and then devise a strategy to resolve the issue for you before it gets the site penalized. Google has its own disavow backlinks tool, but you need to know what links to disavow in the first place, which is where a steady, knowledgeable hand is needed to lead the way.

Aim for Longer, More Frequent Content

Research has demonstrated that longer content ranks better than shorter content, with the exception of pithy 100-250-word content that is mostly displayed in slideshows with a caption below it. When examining the top 10 ranking positions for popular searches, it’s notable that the typical high-ranking page or post is 1,500-2,500 words long. The benefit of longer content peaks at about 2,000 words in most cases.

Not every topic deserves a longer piece of content. However, when covering a major topic, you’ll certainly want a 1,500-2,500-word piece to be published to cover it fully and well. Posting frequency has also been shown to work well in some niches. To have the best chance of securing more links to the article, social shares as well, and a better position for related search terms, posting often with longer articles is best.

Ranking better in Google in 2018 using successful SEO strategies is as much about not doing too much wrong as it is about doing what they will love. Avoiding the big mistakes is probably the most important things, but for top-tier performance, you have to go the extra mile with due diligence and longer, higher-value content.

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